Holistic Fitness


Holistic Fitness is the mind/body/spirit approach to physical health and wellbeing.

Holistic Fitness is the mind/body/spirit approach to physical health and well being. Connecting to your body can be a wonderful way to connect to yourself. Life has a tendency to happen, bringing with it injury, trauma, pain, tension, imbalances, and compensations to the body. Gentle Strengthening is a powerful way to correct these and support the body as it finds it's way back into balance. The Holistic Approach is to honor and work with these subjective speed bumps, whilst connecting to all aspect of our health and well being; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. 

Unlike classical personal training which is goal orientated such as weight loss, cardio endurance, strength achievements, etc, the holistic approach is designed to connect all aspect while finding and maintaining balance, strength and overall physical health and wellness. Thus taking into account any mental, emotional or spiritual contributions as well.  A combination of Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training and Holistic Fitness will be used.

**Please ensure that you have doctor, specialist, and physio approval for any acute or chronic injury or limitation, before attending class**


Christina will be using her Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, and in depth personal knowledge of recovering from car accidents and sports injuries to lead you through a well rounded, full body class. We begin with a breathing practice, work through our exercises and yoga poses, and finish with the blissful savasana (guided relaxation.)

Please see the class schedule for availability.



Including tax

Payment required at booking.

Payable by cash, cheque or e-transfer only

Be advised there is 24 hour cancellation policy in effect for all private sessions.

Private Holistic Fitness Sessions:

Initial Consult           $135.00/1.5 hour          
Subsequent             $95.00/hour


Private Holistic Fitness Packages: When pre-purchased in advance.

5 sessions                $90.00/session    $450.00  ($25 savings)   

10 sessions              $85.00/session    $850.00  ($100 savings)  

20 sessions              $80.00/session    $1600.00 ($300 savings)


“A mind-body approach to health, fitness, recovery and personal growth.”

                    - LindaChristy Weiler

Holistic Fitness