Pilates is an excellent foundation or addition to any health and wellness program. It focuses on core strength, balance, coordination, postural alignment, controlled efficient movement, and increases physical awareness. By re-aligning the body and strengthening the internal stabilizing core muscles, the body can defend it’s self from unnecessary injury and move with ease and grace. Joseph Pilates named his system of exercise Contrology, as mindful concentration and control is needed to execute the movements.

Pilates is an excellent way to improve muscle tone, increase bone density, increase joint flexibility, and build overall strength and flexibility in the body.

PhysicalMind method of pilates focuses on the natural organic movement of the body. It’s a rejuvenative, rehabilitative style of pilates making it optimal for everybody. PhysicalMind uses the latest in anatomy, exercise and movement knowledge to maximize the experience and results.

Vicara Wellness believes that this style of pilates, movement, and mindful practice is an excellent addition to any health program, and promotes a path of overall wellness. We believe that mindful practice, physical awareness and a true understanding of the practice and exercises contributes to a solid foundation of health and well-being.

We offer a variety of ways to experience pilates that best suits you...classes, private, semi-private, and in-home instruction. We also offer workshops designed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the practice, the fundamentals, and the exercises.

Private 1-on-1: Downtown Langley Location

Initial Consultation   $90.00/1 hour      

1 session                 $75.00/1 hour                        

Private Packages: When pre-purchased in advance.

5 sessions                $70.00/session    $350.00       ($25 savings)    

10 sessions              $65.00/session    $650.00       ($100 savings)     

20 sessions              $60.00/session    $1,200.00    ($300 savings)

Semi-Private: please add $20.00/per extra person per session after consultation

(MAX 3 additional people). Packages available.


“Pilates focuses on postural alignment, and requires coordination, balance, grace and agility.... We believe in re-educating the body through movement, increasing physical awareness and connecting with breath.”


            -Physical Mind Institute