~Not Just Another Yoga Studio~

Vicara Wellness is a Boutique Yoga and Wellness Online Studio based out of

Langley, BC offering private and semi-private, wellness sessions, workshops, and retreats.

A safe space is created where you can feel comfortable, be at ease, and be with other like-minded individuals. I am currently offering online and in-home:



Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy,

Holistic Fitness,

Weight Training and Personal Training

Wellness Sessions,

Breathing and Meditation,

Reiki and Intuitive Reiki.

Spiritual Coaching

Vicara Wellness also offers online and in-home options, corporate programs,

schools, and presentations.

Due to COVID-19, the studio has been permanently closed.

All offerings are now online or mobile services.

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Get in touch with your inner wisdom!

Let your body, mind and pure awareness guide you along your path to greater health

and well being......

Welcome to Vicara Wellness