~Not Just Another Yoga Studio~

Vicara Wellness is a Boutique Yoga and Wellness Online Studio based out of

Langley, BC offering private and semi-private, wellness sessions, workshops, and retreats.

A safe space is created where you can feel comfortable, be at ease, and be with other like-minded individuals. I am currently offering online and mobile services in:



Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy,

Holistic Fitness,

Weight Training and Personal Training

Wellness Sessions,

Breathing and Meditation,

Reiki and Intuitive Reiki.

Spiritual Coaching

Vicara Wellness also offers online and mobile options, corporate programs,

schools, and presentations.

Due to COVID-19, the studio has been permanently closed.

All offerings are now online or mobile services.

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Get in touch with your inner wisdom!

Let your body, mind and pure awareness guide you along your path to greater health

and well being......

Welcome to Vicara Wellness